Why Do I Need Home Warranty?

Updated for July 2018

What is a Home Warranty?

Similar to a warranty you get with the purchase of a new appliance or piece of equipment, home warranties, or service contracts, cover home appliances and system repairs. Home warranties protect homeowners from the high cost of unexpected appliance breakdowns and system failures, and provide protection not just for your home, but for your budget and time as well.  

How do they work?

As a homeowner, you never know when essential systems or appliances such as your plumbing or refrigerator may break, and repairing them can be time consuming and costly. Home warranties are there to offer peace of mind by ensuring you’ll be taken care of by certified professionals when the unexpected occurs.

As long as your home’s systems are in good working order prior to a home warranty purchase, these contracts will provide timely and effective repair or replacement services for entities covered by the contracts stipulations. By paying an annual contract fee, you will enjoy repair and replacement services for covered home essentials in a timely, cost effective, and efficient manner.  

How can they help?

Though your homes systems and appliances may be in good working order today, with normal usage and wear and tear, at some point they will need to be either repaired or replaced. When that time comes, you may find yourself faced with having to pay an exorbitant amount of money to repair or replace them, potentially causing a serious financial setback.

To offset these sometimes unpredictable costs, a home warranty service allows you to control the cost of home repairs. Rather than spending money on surprise repairs or replacements, or agonizing over what repairman to hire, you can rest assured knowing that everything will be taken care of with your annual contract fee.